Finding El Dorado

In finding El Dorado you play as a hopelessly lost expedition looking for the famed City of Gold. It plays as a puzzle game where you must explore the map looking for a place to dig based on a part of a map you have found. Different tiles have different effects:

  • M - Mountains offer a higher vantage points, ending your worker's movement here allows them to survey more tiles
  • D - Deserts are treacherous and hard to cross. Crossing deserts with your workers will delay their return for a turn.
  • R - Rivers are dangerous and can sweep up your workers. If you cross cross or end on a river tile with your worker, they will die and you don't gain any information about their path.
  • F - Forests provide an opportunity to gather valueable resources. Ending a worker's movement on a forest tile allows you to gather lumber.
  • B - When crossing a River tile while you have wood, you spend the wood to build a Bridge. Bridge tiles can be crossed without losing your workers.
  • C - Chests are found across the map and provide your expedition with powerful items to help finding El Dorado.
  • x - When digging in a spot, if you have not found El Dorado it will be marked by an X.

Remember to play on Fullscreen!


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The idea is pretty cool, but I got constantly stopped for no apparent reason. I simply could not act anymore (and still had turns). Also, how was this developed? Good work :)

Sorry about the issues! I think the problem you ran into was the game moves on to the next level after the victory message is played, and if you moved really quickly the text would still be scrolling to the victory message. Could have definitely been clearer / skipped ahead to the victory message. 

We developed the game in Unity. 

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it might have been the issue. In any case, I'll try it again later. It is quite a fun game :)